The Colossal Titan balaclava, meticulously hand-knitted

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The Titan balaclava, meticulously hand-knitted without any machine work, took over 100 hours. Attention was given to details such as color selection and the shape of the teeth.


The Colossal Titan

The Colossal Titan, a key antagonist, dominated with its colossal size and mastery of steam emissions. Its controlled transformation unleashed devastating power in Attack on Titan.

Embodying Colossal Titan

Experience 'Attack on Titan' with our expertly crafted balaclava. Designed for comfort and breathability, it lets you embody your favorite characters. Each stitch reflects our dedication to delivering exceptional anime-inspired products.

Unleash the Titan Within

This Colossal Titan balaclava holds a surprise. With a simple roll-up, it transforms into a fashionable headgear, perfect for those seeking a stylish edge. Embrace your inner trendsetter, turning heads with this unique and versatile accessory.

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Happy Titan Mask Fans

Chris B-AL

The attention to detail is mind-blowing, and it's surprisingly comfortable to wear. I've been using it for cosplay events, and I always get compliments on how authentic it looks. Definitely worth every penny!"

Sam J-CA

I wasn't sure if the mask would match the show's quality, but I was incredibly surprised. It's amazingly detailed and brings the show to life—I'm truly grateful!

Taylor M-NY

It is amazing , and every detail has been taken care of and packaged in a Very Good way After purchasing it, I will go skiing every day wearing this. 🤣


  • One size(Head circumference approximately 55-58cm)
  • Dry clean only
  • Do not pull any pills on the garment
  • Use clothing shavers that are designed for cashmere pilling
  • Store your garment in a dry, temperature-controlled room
  • To store out-of-season garments, use a sweater storage bag to avoid dust and pests
  • Avoid direct sunlight to preserve the color

While his designs were initially kitschy, such as the well-known Kirby belt or gold Nintendo necklace, it’s impressive to see the extra effort he put into properly covering the cartoon character this time. This item is 1:1 perfect hand reproduction.


Please note that the balaclava you will receive may vary from the original piece. Each item is individually handmade.

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